Food Toxicological Analysis

Food safety is an issue of growing concern for the public, because we are all food consumers and, therefore, likely to be exposed to numerous of potential toxic substances and elements. These compounds and elements can be toxic even at trace levels. However, their risk is limited to those cases when intake exceeds tolerable or acceptable doses, in terms of prevention and health safety.

Maximum residue levels, especially for pesticides, veterinary drugs, heavy metals and some environmental pollutants or industrial compounds, have been restricted by several European, and therefore, Spanish laws. Humans are exposed to all these compounds through different routes. However, a large number of chemicals reach the consumers through animal foodstuffs, which implies bioconcentration, bioaccumulation and/ or biomagnification. Some of these chemicals are of particular interest because they are highly toxic, persistent and accumulative, and frequently alter hormonal, immune or nervous systems.

Since the inception of the service, these type of substances and elements have been analysed in our laboratory.  Specialists in toxicology and chemical analysis, and professionals in food safety, animal health and zoonoses are some of the members of our staff, whose knowledge provides full quality to our laboratory service.