FORENSIC WILDLIFE TOXICOLOGY Workshop in Bucarest organized by ERBFacility.

A great experience that was shared with our European colleagues and specially with the participation of new invited attendants from the Eastern Europe. Rafael Mateo, Oliver Krone and Antonio J García-Fernández organized this interesting meeting in collaboration with Emanuel Baltag as local organizer in Bucarest. Another step forward in the fight against the poison in the environment. Limitations of the number of attendants per country did not allow to invite other Spanish colleagues members of WILDBITOX, and specially the staff from ULPG, CAD-Andalucía, UM, UNEX and IREC).
– National schemes for the study of wildlife poisoning by Antonio J. García and Rafael Mateo.
– Legal aspects of sample collection in forensic toxicology by Oliver Krone and Francisco Soler.
– Results of the investigation of wildlife poisoning in Spain and France by Rafael Mateo and Philippe Berny.
– How to prepare an expert report? by Antonio J. García and Oliver Krone.